Philosophy Song Cycle

Year 4 students at Kings Rise Academy have been musing over some philosophical conundrums:

Is it ever okay to lie? Can money buy happiness? What is friendship? What is love? and What exactly makes a chair a chair?

The result is a song cycle created with Katy Rose Bennett.

The song cycle will be performed, with snippets of drama, illustrations and a little choreography, to the students and friends of Kings Rise Academy on 26th June. Then a public performance will take place on 27th June at the University of Birmingham, in their Education Department at 15:30 as part of their Philosophy In Schools Showcase, which is free to attend and runs from 10:00 – 16:30.

There are lots of fun and interesting activities throughout the day, perhaps the least of which is James’ illustrated talk Thinking and acting in schools. Sign up for the whole fun and philosophical games here.

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