Mystery Steps

Steps Series  

Mystery Steps presented by STAN’S CAFE
for Coventry Mysteries
9th – 16th June
Free Admission

Coventry Mysteries, Coventry City Centre
9 – 16 June 2012

Specially commissioned for Coventry Mysteries and installed in former cafe in Coventry’s City Centre, Mystery Steps encouraged its audience to act out a moment in thelife of a medieval cafe.

Whilst out back a chef, is asleep in the stores, someone’s butchering a pig and children arehard at work with the washing up, waiting and spit turning, out front a host of customers a having fun, queuing forthe latest delicacies and playing local sports; meanwhile a team are enacting a mystery play in the cafe’s windowfor gathered passers-by. Their show is of a miracle, loaves and fishes from a boy’s packed lunch being used to feed fivethousand people.

Devised by Simon Ford, Denise Stanton and James Yarker
With Craig Stephens and Christina M Kruise.
Installed by Simon Ford, Denise Stanton, Alice Greenham and Chris Dugrenier
With thanks to:Hannah Grainger and Johnny O’Hanlon

Mystery Steps is supported by Coventry City Council.



Nice, funny for the kids and enjoyable


Interesting chat, would be nice to see it on a busy day

Suzy & Cael

Really good and I want to come back


Much fun! Thank you

Victoria R

A gem – generous, respects its audience and accessible. Thanks!

Jack S

I liked the mice and the lactose intolerant vegetarian

John H

Great fun and a very enjoyable experience

Helen H

Good fun – we loved finding the bats, snail Etc. Thank You

Donna S

Good fun. Hard at first but we got the hang of it


Great fun


Sparked a whole other world of stories which were stepped into…