The Orchestra Dream

Steps Series  

The Orchestra Dream – a vinyl treasure hunt presented by STAN’S CAFE
Symphony Hall, Birmingham
OPEN 7 Days Per Week until 8th September.


Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Commissioned by Town Hall Symphony Hall to accompany the Universe of Sound installation, The Orchestra Dream is a vinyl treasure hunt.Gustav Holst is asleep, dreaming of a major new composition – The Planets. Visitors are encouraged to take a Quiz Card and scour levels 3 – 5a of the Symphony Hall’s foyers to findall the instruments Holst needs to complete his piece. As each new instrument is found a code letter is collected. When all 29 letters are in place they spell out a code phrase.E-mailing this phrase to enters you into a prize draw.

The piece is designed to be fun and to help young people to come to recognise instruments of the orchestra. These instruments aregrouped by colour. Blue = Woodwind.
Green = Strings.
Red = Brass.
Yellow = Percussion.
Purple = Others.

Instruments are broadly arranged with the lowest pitched of each family sited on the lowest levels and highest pitched on the highest level.


Devised by: Craig Stephens and James Yarker
Design by: Simon Ford
Installed by: Craig Stephens, Denise Stanton and James Yarker
Stan’s Cafe Management: Charlotte Martin
Commissioned by: Town Hall Symphony Hall
With thanks to: Katie Banks, Emma Nenadic, Joanna Sigsworth, Richard Hawley and everyone else who helped us at Symphony Hall.