Spy Steps

Site Specific  

Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
28th May – 26 June 2009

It turns out that rather than being a renowned centre for academia, the University of Warwick’s main campus is the Headquarters of an evil genius mastermind benton world domination. Only one man (and one woman) stand in his way.

For a month, Spy Steps changes the character of campus. Vinyl figures suggest security isheightened. German Shepherd dogs are on patrol and guards with binoculars stand at windows.

Vinyl foot prints, hand prints and other symbols applied across Warwick Arts Centretell the story of the final scenes of a Bond style adventure. By following different coloured prints visitors can trace different character’s journeys through the action.By exploring the building the contribution of extras can be found and in collaboration with friends this fictional film’s dramatic finale can be acted out in real time.

Spy Steps can be read alone, or explored with friends. Your participation can be involved or discrete as you choose it to be. Children and adults alike will enjoy solving the puzzle of what happened by decoding the marks on the walls, floors and doors.

Come and put yourself in the action.

Here is the soundtrack as an MP3 so you can rehearse as much as you want to the proper sounds.


Devised by Simon Ford, Craig Stephens and James Yarker
With sticking assistance from Denise Stanton
Soundrack by Nina West
Photography by Andrew Billington